Danity Kane; Bad Girl

Ever watch Making The Band Season 1 on MTV??
Umm.. Forget what I said..
The girl band; Danity Kane had released a new music video called;
(You know like P.Diddy's entertainment; Bad Boy)
By the way, the music video also featured Missy Elliot.. 

Must Watch~


Rihanna; Disturbia

Rihanna latest single called; Disturbia~
I like it..
It has a sort of chanting and haunting to it..
I don't know why I like this kind of music o.O
Check-Check It Out!

Must Listen! 



Real Name: Byon JangMoon
D.O.B: 29/9/1988
Height/Weight: 180cm/60kg

Real Name: Dong YunKi 
Azuma Tomoki
D.O.B: 25/1987
Height/Weight: 178cm/64kg


Real Name: Park JungJin
D.O.B: 1/5/1987
Height/Weight: 181cm/67kg



Real Name: Jun HaeMyung
Ding HaiMing
D.O.B: 7/8/1987
Height/Weight: 183cm/66kg


Real Name: Lim HanByul
D.O.B: 8/2/1989
Height/Weight: 172cm/60kg


Real Name: Sung InGyu
D.O.B: 8/11/1988
Height/Weight: 183cm/67kg

You gotta admit that the JangMoon guy is pretty cute.. Hahahha... 
Anyway.. Enjoy.. Looking AT them or Staring at them..
Whichever is fine by me.. 


A'STAR1; New Korean Boyband

Let me present you the latest boyband,

They're from the DSP Entertainment.
Which I honestly don't know...
This group is compose of Korean, Japanese and Chinese.
You can see the flags on the picture above :D

The song I'd heard from them is called "1,2,3,4 back"
They are not like TVXQ type or SuJu type..
As far as I can tell...
They need new moves and new up to date tracks..
Am not being mean, this time...
But anyway, let's wait and watch as the this boyband grows... 
P.S: The DSP entertainment plans on adding a new member to A'star1 after their debut.

My comment: Hmm.. Okkay.. They're pretty hoottttt.. But one the guy is kinda scaryyyy... Well, like I wrote in my email nickk.. (hhehehe) Their style look like emo goth in the music video.. I think they were wearing eyeliner (I mean, guy liner) Hhaha.. o.O... 
Errr.. Let's just wait okkayy.. Hahha..


Chris Brown; Forever

I've bet that lots of people know this before I did..
I don't mind..
I like this beat... So.... 
Like "your on drugs" song..
I think it is...

Must Listen!!! 


Hey! Me!

Hey! Hey!
I found out that some of my friends keep coming back to my blog to watch:
Replay (English Ver.) by AozoraFantasii/Lisa
Here's a link where you can download the mp3 song :)

P.S: There's a yellow button which says DOWNLOAD!
You have to wait for a couple of seconds for the button to reappear... 
The download took for me at least less than 15 minutes... 

I'm also going to put the song as the background song of my blog until..
You get sick of it.. :P
Peace Out!
Tomorrow, PJN's is having STudenT's Day!

Hayden Panettiere; Wake Up Call (She SINGS?!?! O.o)

Remember "Save the Cheerleader, save the world"?
Errr.. I think some people should be save from her singing...
A lot of people have been commenting/comparing her music video to...
Paris Hilton's Stars are blind!!
Some said it is much better than stars the blind..
Hmm.. But I don't know if it is Singer Star quality...

My comment/remarks: 
She sounds like a Jamaican singing..
(Which is weird because she's NOT!)
She raps in the music video..
And I don't mean like Fergie kinda way..
Nope.. The lame attempt kinda way...
There are many more to say... Just watch the video..
P.S: This one is ...... I don't know.. Usually, I would have written "must watch"
But this case is sensitive.. 
I'm not being harsh.. But she's trying to be a singer...
Gots To say what I gots to say.. 
The only thing in the music video that people like that is;
She is sexy in there.. (Where did that cute girl gone??) 
I want her to go back to ACTING!! 
Final Words: Nice song, wrong person... 

Rate: Good but Not Great 

Basketball!!! Panatz Tymez!

The friday, 18th July 2008~
We had a basketball competition..
Before that day, we received news that we were fighting the upper secondary (*GASP!)
I know! We should be fighting the lower secondary >.<
I pitied the form 1 and form 2~
They had to fight the Form 4!!!
Especially form 1, they just entered the competition and..
Quickly lost..
We fought the form 5 and almost win
The scores were 8:12
At the end, we were tired..
Anyway, here are the pictures which Mustaqim took..
Mustaqim.. Why do every pictures almost got one of us moving?!!

Standing : Me and Aisyah
Sitting down (FROM LEFT TO RIGHT):
Row 1: Adibah and Izzati
Row 2: Niq, Nasibah, Helna and Ziera
Row 3: Kayrun and Meera
Row 4 (and the cutest!! >.<) : Syakiir

Yewseh! Steady jua!! :P

Row 1: Me, Adibah and Izzati
Row 2: Niq, Nasibah, Helna and Ziera
Row 3: Kayrun and Meera
Row 4 (Who's looking very tired..) : Syakiir 

Kami masa tue, bising wahh~
All of us wana make funny poses..
Especially me, doing peace signs/ears behind Niq..
Hhehehehe :P
I just realized that ziera, kayrun, nasibah and meera were looking at me..

Okkay~ I don't have to show you who is who.. Okkay..
Sbnarnya, we were getting ready...
When Mustaqim was like playing around with the camera..
So, Aisyah threat to throw the ball at him..
I was actually waving.. Hhehe.. See my hand.. Lol~

The people that were standing.. 
(Yeah, us!)
We were trying to do a cool pose~
(My shirt ternaik =.="... That is sooooo EMBARASSING!!!)
The others who were sitting down control wahh~
By the way, Zaty was just getting ready to do a pose..
(Mustaqiim, haizzzzz.. No words no words~)

This picture is okkay lahh~
Nobody moved!!
I like to see this one~
This one is PERFECT!

Peace signs for everyone!!
Meera oh meera, sempat mengusai tudung..
Okkay udah tue~

All right, that is the end!
There's more where that come from!

You can see these and some new pictures at Adibah's blog~
It is at my sidebar^^ 

This was a production by Evil Sisters.Inc
*KaTTush! syndrome~

Thanks for VIEWING!!!

Onew!! :P

Real Name: Lee Jinki
Nickname: Onew!! (:D)
D.O.B: 14th December 1989 (18 years old) 
Height: 177 cm
Position: Leader and Sub-Vocal
Hobbies: Singing, Piano and Chinese

My comments: Dorky (In a cute way!) and has the smoothest voice...


Kim Jong Hyun!

A new post about a Korean Hunk/Hottie!
I can't help it...
Here's a BIO! 

Name: Kim Jong Hyun
D.O.B: 8th April 1990
Height: 173 cm
Hobbies: Watching movies, Popping (dance), composing lyrics, piano and Mandarin


SHINEE - English Version^^ by LISA^^

I found this amazing video on
Remember replay by SHinee~
Well, this the girl's and english version of it~
I love it~
The girl in this video is amazing~
And she did the lyrics all by herself..
I've downloaded her song too^^
Must watch~

Her lyrics~

Replay (english ver.)
Lyrics by aozorafantasii/Lisa

"nunan neomu yeppeoseo.." 
just when I thought I could go
my heart is lost and you're pulling me back again
wishing on a falling star 
wish I could be where you are
somehow you came and changed my everything

*when you're not around
I just feel a little down
this is kinda silly right... it's not okay to me
and I think I'm gonna hate it boy
if you turn your back on me
I don't wanna let this go ...but I'm wondering*

how do I be careful
not to show you what I dream of
kinda crazy but I
replay replay replay
when we're together
every moment that I treasure
like a movie that I
replay replay replay

you know you're my M.V.P., no one else has got what I need
when it's just us two, I get shy but then you keep it so cool
the way you're always watching out for me
and although I wanna believe
tell me I'm not just imagining..


"nunan neomu yeppeo"
I don't wanna hear it no more
cause I know it's gonna
replay replay replay
keep trying not to fake it
how am I supposed to say it
you're the song that I
replay replay replay

TVXQ ~ 1000 year old love song/Eternal Love

Ever watch the Legend of the four Gods (Korean)? 
Wahh.. Must watch.. 
So romantic/action one.. 
Reminds me of chinese series, though.. 
I watched it and I became addicted to the series...
I haven't watch it finish since I'm busy with school and..
I can't find the remote control to the DVD player =.="
Where is that DARN thing!

When I was watching PART 2 of the DVD case..
I just realized the theme song was sung by TVXQ!!
 I thought it was just a sappy love song~
Then, I  started to hummed the song~
And I fell in love with the song~
And I named out each voice to its owner..
Anyway, I've downloaded the song..
It was different from the Soundtrack~
I was a bit disappointed, truthfully because I can't find the soundtrack..
At least, I have their song, what?!
Here is a picture of TVXQ~
They look like Korean girls when they wear these traditional clothes..
Soorrryyyy.. No offense ahh.. I love them, by the way..


JongHyun!! AND Key!! PIX!

Key Kibum

Kibum!!! *Faintz..
He's so damn good looking, don't you agree? 

Jong Hyun

JongHyun!!! *Screammmzzzzz....
His voice so husky...

Can I say something here?

I love both of these guys..
I can't help it..
I like JongHyun's Voice..
I like Key Kibum's image...
So complicated..
Enjoy looking at them..
Sheena, I know you're viewing these pictures...

My PJN friends' pictures...

Faiz and Limin
P.S: At their back are also our friends and classmates.. 

I wanted him to pose >.< 
He did but only for a few seconds.. 

These are Fuad and Faiz..

The same as before..
He was posing before but...
Only for a few seconds... 

How to say about him...
At least, he "rela hati/Voluntarily" 

Limin and NurHamizan..
They look like brothers, my friends said O.o
They do?
Cool.. or not? 

Ziera and Monica...
Peace from the South East.. 

Monica, Mirah and Husna..
I wonder why monica looking the other way..
I just realized that while typing these... 
Monica, Abby, Husna and Mirah...
Me and Monica almost look the same..
Maybe we're related^^

That's all until next time..
Feel free to comment here or ChatBox..

Harassment are not welcome here!
Hurtful comments will be deleted!

AFTER the enrichment program... PIX.Me and Ziera

We wore black clothes "coincidental" like we're the Grim Reapers...
Except that we're the Evil Sisters.Inc

This where me, Helna and Ziera meditate :P LOl

This is my besttie at school, Ziera...
I have a lot of friends which I'm going to show you the pictures of some of them...


Nelly feat. Fergie in Party People

An awesome new track from Nelly's new album...
Fergie is in it looking hot and you know what...
She raps TOO!!
So Cooolllll!!
Must watch!


Jordin Sparks; One Step at a Time (Must Listen)

The American Idol Winner of Season ... (Not sure :S)
She's back with a feel good song called Step at a Time
Am listening to this song while typing this :D
I like it.. It's a song for stress reliever song^^
(Such songs~)
Must Listen!!!


Boys like Girls; Thunder

Boys like Girls new music video called THUNDER!!!
 Well, I have no comment on this because, well...
I don't know >.< !
But yeah, check out the music video at the nearest video website^^

(Warning: Love-sickness-on-the-guys-are-not-vary)
Hhahaha... Commercial~