Super Junior; It's you (rearranged and remixed) and Sorry Sorry - Answer

Super Junior recently released two studio tracks of It's you (official remixed version) and Sorry Sorry - Answer

Long story-short:

I'm addicted to It's You (the remix) :DD

Whereas Sorry Sorry - Answer


On a bright side, I saw a lot people commented that their voices sound great and the soothing melody is very different than the original.

I have no comment about that, since, I rather like the original version.
I don't hate this new version

I need time to listen to it over and over again =]

The music video for it also have been released~

I can't help but to laugh for a while

Sure, the boys looked great in the MV

But the concept of the MV~

Black and white; like the first MV
: It's fine

The acting.. err.. I wanted to see them dance!!!

Anyways, Si Won was seen without a his shirt on looked hawt in the video~


I suggest y'all watch it ;)
Have a bit of a laugh, smile, drool and whatnot.



T-ARA; first absolute album


I'm liking most of the album songs
Reminds me of SeeYa and Davichi

Check them out

The album just came a few days ago


SuG ; P!nk Masquerade

I was browsing for the latest Japanese songs
and that's when I saw


They released a music video for P!nk Masquerade too

So, I downloaded the video and am watching it right now

*3 and half minutes later*


Takeru~♥ Dressed up as Vampire in the MV
He danced in it too!
Hip & Hop style

Quite a good change actually.
Usually he'll be a jumping up and down when he sings
And he still looks cute as ever~
And damn! I love Shinpei's headphones!

The song was okay
Not too bad
Not very good
Just average

was expecting more

Though I wish he'd use this get up for his Vamp Vamp Vamp MV

Aah~That would be my dream come true for the night :DD


2009 Mnet Asian Music Award

It was held last night, 21.11.2009 in S. Korea

I tried to watch it live online but failed

Anyways, I downloaded some performances
such as 2PM, 2NE1, G-Dragon along with TaeYang.

Also, Japanese famous girl group AKB48 performed as well.

I don't want to write everything about it but you can check more news about it on
where I kept on refreshing the website more than 50 times last night for the latest update



The saturdays; Ego

The Saturdays released a new music video for Ego

Superhero style!

A little bit of X-Men X-Women
and Watchmen :DD

Check it out =]

Justin Bieber

Official Myspace

Who got the underage girls screaming his name??


eyh, lame~

Just wanted to to post him up on my blog


Demi Lovato; Remember December

Okay, this song is pretty old
I listened to it like two months ago
But I'm posting up because the official music video is already out a few days ago

Check it out :DD

Beyonce; Video Phone

Featuring Lady Gaga

I don't know what to say about this song actually


It's simply Beyonce~

So check it out!

P.S: The MV is out

Shakira; Give it up to me

This song is pretty okay
I watched the music video a day ago

It was very Madonna to me

Timbaland produced the song and you could hear him say
"Give it up to me"

The music sounds like a rehashed of 4 Minute by Madonna feat. Justin Timberlake

That's what I think~

In the music video,
there's a part where Shakira dressed up like a some sort of goddess
Wearing like Thailand/Indonesia get-up

I guess she's trying to bring some culture in her music video like Hips don't lie


Check it out.


Choreography of the moment 17.11.2009

The best way to see the choreography is during the live shows :DD

F(x) - Chu~♥

SHINee - Ring Ding Dong

credit: bwmow3

Credit: chyansie

TaeYang - Wedding Dress and Where U At

Credit: mrjotaman

Credit: babyBOngaholic

Brown Eyed Girls - Sign

Credit: KPopLive


Credit: KPOPMOV10


Music is (Googled)

This is what I got when I googled "Music is..."

Click on the picture for clearer image.

I agreed with the first one :DD

Billboard Top 10 from Top 100 15.11.2009

1. Fireflies
Owl City

2. Empire State of Mind

3. Watcha say
Jason Derulo

4. Replay

5. Down
Jay Sean feat. Lil' Wayne

6. Party in the USA
Miley Cyrus

7. Paparazzi
Lady Gaga

8. 3
Britney Spears

9. Russian Roulette

10. Sweet Dreams


iTunes TOP 10 SONGS 15.11.2009

1. Need You Now
Lady Antebellum

2. Fireflies
Owl City
(9th place on iTunes Top 10 Music Videos)

3. Bad Romance
Lady Gaga
(Top 1 iTunes Music Video)

4. Replay

5. Tik Tok

6. Party in the USA
Miley Cyrus

7. Empire State of Mind
(3rd place on iTunes Top 10 Music Videos)

8. 3
Britney Spears
(2nd place on iTunes Top 10 Music Videos)

9. Watcha say
Jason Derulo

10. Russian Roulette
(4th place on iTunes T0p 10 Music Videos)

credits to the list: iTunes

Rainbow; new girl group from DSP Entertainment

Yes, it's another girl group
This time from DSP Entertainment
Which produced a couple of famous idol groups
such as SS501 and KARA

Their first single called Goship Gossip Girl
With it's catchy tune and cute choreography
They have started to gather a lot of fans

After a while, they released several more tracks off their single album
When I listened to some of their songs, most of the songs have catchy beats


They do remind me of SNSD/Girls' Generation
Specifically, the time they did Gee

At the moment, they don't really stand out (to me)

Let's see if these girls can prove me wrong in the future

Hwaitting! from me to them


Diary of a music lover got TWEETED!?

You guys read that right!

My blog got tweeted!!

I know it's only one but still every reader is a valuable customer viewer

Shoutout to the person who tweeted about me

Thank You honesteyes @ Jessica Mary

To see the website
Click the link below

D.O.A. Music Lover got TWEETED!?

Abby's list of Top 10 Kpop songs so far~ 14.11.2009

1. TaeYang
= Where U At

I'm in love with this song!!!!

2. Park Bom
= You and I

I have always liked Park Bom
She has a strong voice and she resembles a cute bunny ^^

3. Brown Eyed Girls
= Sign


4. F(x)
= Chu~♥

Finally, their album came out
Basically, their album consist of songs that pretty much screams


5. Lyn (feat. E.Via)
= Noona's song

Love this song, so happy and bubbly.
This song has some snippets of Xiah's lines from Mirotic and TaeYang's Only Look at Me ^^

6. SHINee
= Ring Ding Dong

What more can I say~

7. SS501
= Love like this

Boys II Men anyone?
The beginning of the song reminds me one of the songs from Blue the British Boy band; "You make me wanna"
Only the pitch is higher in Love like this

8. B2ST
= Bad Girl

= Oh yeah!

10. 2PM
= Tired of waiting

Hey! Hey! I'm back =D

Been dealing with exams and the serious case of laziness~

So sorry~

For the next two months, I'll be updating more frequently.
(I hope)

First Stop!

The last post I made was about 2PM
Oh yea, JaeBom left
So sad
But the group 2PM (with one member less)
has made a new album called

One member less so it's... oh nevermind -.-'

I listened to two tracks from their album which are Tired of Waiting and Hearbeat

Tired of Waiting sounds like a mash-up between Hate You and Again and Again
Not too bad but still they could come up something a bit more original
Nevertheless, I liked it and it was also disappointing when I heard the preview, I thought it would be a ballad for JaeBom
Instead it turned out to be a dance/techno song

Next, it's Heart beat

I saw the music video
It was awesomeeee~
The dance and the quality of the MV
They even added silhouette of the orchestra playing

Watched them live on youtube
They were pretty good
Made me keep saying,
"Listen To My Heart Beat"
"It's beating for you!"

Oh well, they brought the game on
And Nickhun looked cute with his hair tied up like that

If only he smiled -.-''

2nd stop!


Of course, everyone heard of their addictive new song
Ring Ding Dong

I still don't get the "Fantastic" and "Elastic" parts
Is like they ran out rhymes?
Nothing that Google can't help ;)

When I saw this picture above, reminds me of variety of hair styles for boys~
Especially Key's hair

About the song?
Another Replay song

It's a hit!


Cute boys + Awesome choreography + Catchy tune = Girls love them!

Even I can't help to sing along to the song


By the way, when Key and Onew sang, "Silly girl, you're my miracle."
I wish I was his silly girl I bet all the girls were screaming to be their silly girl

3rd Stop!


I did a review on them last time

They showed promises
Sort of~

They released a mini-album called Muzik

Loved the album!!

Though one of their songs
웃겨 (Funny)

Sounds like something Britney Spears sang If You Seek Amy

I now can differentiate between them and 2NE1
I won't compare them but yea
These two idol groups are TOTALLY different from one another

In TaeYang words; "Let me break this down" to my point of view

4Minute = Candy-Pop, techno and Funky
2NE1 = Streets, Pop, R & B and Hip-Hop

4th stop!


A lot of people have wrote about G-Dragon
So, it's Taeyang turn =DD

His latest digital single Where U At and Wedding Dress
Both MVs have came out

It's a MUST to watch them!!

His voice, the choreography and the settings


I knew he's a good singer but I was distracted to the other Big Bang Member
G-Dragon's solo album

But I don't wanna talk about GD at the moment

Where U At
Wedding Dress

Check Them Out!

5th Stop!

Brown Eyed Girls


These girls are on top of their game

They can dance
They can sing

Again, another unforgettable choreography

First it was the 'Hip swing' on Abracadabra
Next, 'The Massage Dance' with the fans and amazing song called Sign during the live performance

For their MV Sign

The girls stayed underwater for a long period time
And imagine all the 'takes' they had to do to shot a perfect scene


Oh wells
I wanted to write some more
But I'll just post up some short reviews about the rest of the artists