Oohhh.. My mistake...

Looks like Love Song has a Mandarin version...
Anyway, here's a picture of the Super Junior~

Key Krazzeee!! (2)

More pictures of Key Kibum.. Hheheh..
(By the way, you can request pictures of celebrities too^^)
I'm more than delighted to help you and post it in the blog^^

I chose Kim Kibum because HE IS SO DAMN HAWTT!!

(Sheena, this goes out to you too^^)

I have more actually but... I'll save the rest because.. hehe..
Plenty more to come^^

What do I do wid my blog? (lol)

Hello, Ladies and maybe a gentleman?? O.o

What do I do with my blog??? 
Hmm.. Well, I go to find the latest song or..
I listen to music website and radio~

And now, here are some pictures of me and the laptop :P
("VAIN" alert!!!)

Haizz.. Not clearrr...

Hahaha... My hand typing down nonsense :P

Manager/managing Director's open house^^

I was invited by my bestfriend, Felicia to join her and her family^^
I met some of my old besttiesss^^
Felicia did some henna on her hands..
I didn't because.. I'm so lazzyy..
Then they were entertainers, clowns and that sort~
The food was great!! 
We ate Mr.Softy's ice cream, cotton candy, spaghetti and ABC~
That's a lot~
There were three bouncers; water slide, space bouncer and football bouncer~
I like the part where the clowns danced to these song; Die Another day, Brave New Girl, Diirty Pop and Best of Both worlds^^

These are the pictures^^ 

Fall Out Boy; Beat It

We have one old favourite~
And that is Beat it by Michael Jackson~
Well.. Now, it is sung and played by the Fall Out Boy~
I totally like it because they bring it back "ROCKZ STyLEZ"


Studdey Group^^ (As If!) lol

I had a studdy groupppp today at Sarr's house from 2pm to 7.30
Hahah.. Sorryy, Sarr.. Keep you waiting at the last minute =.="
We learnt Maths and Science..

(Wait a minute!!)

Why am I talking about studdy group instead of music?!?
Well, this is my diary of course :P
Okkay then (Whattevveeerrr!)

Here are some "vain" pictures of us :P
(You can see the rest of them at the slide^^) 

Sarr, Izzy and Me (heheh.. I wasn't smiling)

Sarr, Me and Izzy (We had fun playing with these hatss.. :P)

Sarr, Izzy and Me~ 

Okkay, that's enough~ Hhehe..
Scared, not enough space~
Just look at the slideshow for more pix..

Lucky by Jason Mraz duet with Colbie Caillat

The sweetest song :D
How come I like "goody2shoes" songs ah???
I don't understand =.="
Anyway, this song was introduced by my sister..
I like Jason and Colbie's voices..
They sound good together^^

Super Junior M; Love you, love you/ Love song

A song by Super Junior M~
Though, I don't understand one thing..
The group is in Mandarin, how come the song is in Korean??
The only chinese phrase there are "Ai Ni, Ai Ni"~
=.=" What's up with that???
 But anyway, this song is cuttee and sweet^^
Hahah.. I love it :P


TVXQ; Why have I fallen in love with you~ (Must Listen!!)

(Must listen track!!!)

Hello! Hello!
What do we have here?
I was browsing through a website, when I saw a song by TVXQ..
So, I was like, "I have to listen to this track" (Not exactly)
I downloaded it and put it on the ITune..
Damnit! I fell in LOVE with this song!! 
It is in Japanese and it is so ROMANTIC! 
I know my friend Sarr would lurvee this song :P
I did XD
I want this song play on my wedding (Whatveerrrrr) 
Here's the fan made music video..
Sorry, there's no music video for this song yet ( I think~)
When it does, I'll put it (But I won't delete this one because it really suits the song^^)
and a picture of them to look at :P 


Camp Rock

Wat Oh!?
A new High School Musical 3??
Nope, its not High School Musical.. 
But Camp rock..
After Hannah Montana releases her new movie/concert; Best Of Both Worlds.
A new movie called Camp Rock was released...
Featuring the Jonas Brothers and new girl called Demi Lovato..

Somehow, Demi Lovato reminds me of Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana..
Except she's not exaggerating as Miley is..

Main Cast


Key Krazzzee..!!!

Here's a video audition of Key Kibum's of SHINEE
He's so DAMN fynnne..
He's jacket seems so reluctance falling of him..
I wish it did..
All the girls were blown off by him..

My sis thinks he's gay.. =.="

Late Post : Lady Gaga; Just Dance

Sorrryy, this is a late post..

Lady Gaga sings Just Dance..
At first I thought it was Ashlee Simpson..
But then, this song was nicerr... 
Hahha.. Evill..
I love Ashlee Simpson's songs by the way.. 

Jonas Brothers; Burning Up

A new single from their new album; A little bit longer

It is called Burning Up!!
Nice song..
Featuring Selena Gomez and some other pretty girls..
Nick Jonas got a new hair cut here..

Another music video I posted but this one, is not that BAD!
It is GOOD!!! 


Madonna : Give it to me

Another song which seems to catch people's attention..
Which is "Give to Me"..
Sounds like Timbaland's work..
Because it is his work..
Timbaland produced ALL the songs in Madonna's album; Hard Candy..

Well, at first I saw the music video on TV, it wasn't that great..
But after watching it in Youtube, it's pretty good, I think... 

Music Video I see : Give it to me

This song really has "that" beat..
By the way, Pharell is in the music video too.. 


The Tings Tings That's not my name

An english indie-pop band.
Two members which are Jules De Martino and Katie White~

When I first heard the song, I liked right away...
Amazing.. Usually I'm not into indies..
But these has tune that stuck in my head..

"That's not my name.. that's not my name.." 
And so, so..

Music Video I see : That's not my name

My face on a Magazine?!??!?



I never knew~
It was an honor to be in this magazine..
I've been reading this magazine for agess...

I lurrrrvvvee my lifee....

*Tears of joy

Create Fake Magazine Covers with your own picture at

Hahahha... Psyched you, didn't I??

I was boreddd... Hhahaha.. So I chose this becausee...

This really suits me :D 

Sneakers Disasters????!!! The crook is Vanessa Anne Hudgens..

Errrr.. What just happen to that sweet, pop girl, not to mention the "pictures"
She made a new single called "Sneaker Night"
which sucks.. I mean, like..
No wordssss... No worrdsss, I tell ya.. 

Here watch it yourself.. 

The first music video I posted because I want you to judge and comment..

I love sneakers but the SONG SUCKS!
 Helppp Herr pleasee..
Guide her to the RIGHT path..


Super Junior H


There's still a Korean Super Junior.. I mean Korean version..
Yeappp.. Super Junior H
"H" stands for Happy~
Super Junior Happy~
There's so many sub-units of Super Junior..
Their latest single is Cooking? Cooking!

The music video is about, they like girls who cooks..
Uh huh but a taste of her food, they made a run for it..
In the end, the girl's cooking got better..
They started to chased her..

Sheesh~ Just because a girl's can't cook means the girl's heart is not nice..
Wowhhh.. Sentimental much??? 

Here's a picture from the music video~

Super Junior News! Super Junior M


Super Junior Mandarin @ Super Junior M
New Hit single which is U (Can't stop thinking about you)
Mandarin Version???
I just found out, before there was a 13 members Super Junior..
There was 7 members Super Junior M..
AAahhhh.. (O.o)

Music Video : U

(Correct me if I made any mistakes)

Jewelry Everybody Shh!/Silence

Jewelry is another all girls group from Korean.
With their latest song Everybody Shh!/Silence..
But I much prefer Everybody Shh!

(Sorry for the size of the image =.=") 

Wondr Girls So Hot

Korean men are smitten with these Wonder Girls after their debut Tell Me

Now with a new hit single called So Hot!
No doubt, the girls are aware of their sex appeals..

Birth name[13]Stage nameHangul[13]HanjaDate of birth[14][15]
Min Sun YeSun Ye민선예閔先藝August 111989 (age 18)
Park Yeh EunYe Eun박예은朴譽恩May 261989 (age 19)
Sun MiSun Mi선미宣美May 21992 (age 16)
Ahn So HeeSo Hee안소희安昭熙June 271992 (age 15)
Kim Yoo BinYoo Bin김유빈金瑜斌October 41988 (age 19)

Information from Wikipedia.. 

S.U.G Love scream party

A japanese Rock Band 
So Cutee!!
Especially the Music Video; Love Scream Party

Must Watch!!!

(Note: Information of the band members can't be found because the author is too lazy)



Pussycat Dolls

The sexy ladies are back with a new song called "When I grow up"
The song was rumored to be a song for Britney Spears..
But every song was made for Britney.. 

Music Video Seen : When I grow up

Not sure if the song will be a new hit single, though.
But when it does, I'll tell you :)

Music Video I seen: When I grow up

William feat. Cheryl :Heartbreaker

A new song from Will.I.Am of the Black Eye Peas featuring a girl from Girls Aloud..

Music Video I see: Heartbreaker

Kerli Koiv

A female artist with a unique voice..
Her new song "Walking on Air" totally rocks!
It's a creepy song which I like to hear..
It is so enchanting.. 


Born on 7th February 1987 
Music Video I see : Walking on Air