Michael Jackson; Rest In Peace

1958 - 2008/9

Will be greatly remembered!

His music has brought a lot inspirations to other artists.

Born on 29th August 1958
Died on 25th June 2009
He was 50 years old.

SNSD; Tell me your wish (Genie)

New single
Tell me your wish (Genie)

I'll admit, they CAN sing!

I saw their live performances.
They're goood~


Come on lah, any boys definitely will see this MV

It's pretty good. I saw it myself. I can see why boys are drooling over them.

And the song is pretty catchy too ^^

Check It OuT

Wonder Girls; Looking for Nobody

As they debut in the USA
They recorded an English version of Nobody
It's called

Looking for nobody

Is it Engrish???

Well, I saw the lyrics, it's not Engrish.
I think it's because they sang like it's Engrish.
But hey, now the English fans can sing them, right ^^

Comment :

It's ok

Check it Out!


2PM; Hating you

Latest single from these guys ^^

Lily Allen; F*** You

Lily Allen new song and music video

I think I've seen the MV

I think...

It's kinda.. Umm..

I don't know how to describe it..

And I don't have to type the name of the song again, ok..


Pink; Funhouse

Pink latest single and music video


Awesome music video ^^

The song is pretty good too ^^

TVXQ @ Tohoskinki

I will always be a loyal fan to these HAWWTT guys!!


Amazing Voices, Amazing Songs, Amazing Bodies!!


I was listening to some of their songs off their Secret Code Album (Japanese album)

My favourite is Take Your Hands

But check out the Take Your Hand

Just lovely!!


Support TVXQ y'all ^^


4 Minute; Korean girl band

A new girl band from Korea

They are called 4 Minute

The names of the current members are;
(Not in order, can't tell who is who yet)

Ji Yoon
Ga Yoon
Hyun Ah
Ji Hyun
So Hyun

One of the members; Hyun Ah used to be a Wonder Girl @ Wonder Girls

My opinion: They reminded me A LOT of 2NE1
That's pretty much it

They released a single and the MV; Hot Issue
How was it, you ask me?

Well.. I'm not sure..

Again, it was like a mixed of Lollipop and Fire MV from 2NE1
But it was a very well-made music video


Let's see how this group does in 2 months


Jesse McCartney; Told You So

Been hunting for songs from this dude..
Fell in love with Told You So


McFly; Star Girl

Remember these boys?
You know, they sang "It's All About You"
And all the girls go GAGA over them..

I wasn't one of them but I love their music!!
I might go GAGA over them later though ^^


Alright, their latest song, I've heard so far is


They performed it with the Jonas Brothers during the JBs' tour in UK

I saw the video and heard all the girls screamed~
Good thing I wasn't using my head phones or else..

Oh well, some of the lyrics of this song is quite funnyeh~
Like example;

"When I fell in love with URANUS"


Still, check it out


Elliot Minor; Still Figuring Out

For over almost a year, I've been looking for this song
Still Figuring Out

I've been checking this group out after they've released The White one is evil

I loved the haunting sound made by this band


Check out some of their songs;
So Here We Are
Another Morning
Running Away


Boys like Girls songs

Boys Like Girls songs from their album THUNDER

Favourite songs;

Dance Hall Drug
Five minutes to midnight
On Top Of The World
Heels over Head

Top Favourite song!

Of course, it's gotta be The Great Escape


Demi Lovato; Here we go again

A new single from Demi's 2ND album;
Here We Go Again

Gotta say, I like it ^^


Ch-Ch-Check it out