FT Island; After Love (Must listen & Watch)

The drammaatic Korean rock boyband is back~


Music Video : After Love
My comment : They really want to act eyh?? Most of them changed their hairstyles, I like the new changes.. Hmm.. Something wrong with them.. Aren't they too young to be depress over a loss of girl?? o.O Oh Won Bin rapped in this song too!! I love you, Won Bin!!! >.<>
There was also rain falling down on them o.O
Can it get anymore hotter??? 
Eerrrr.. Owhkay... One more, their clothes were totally rockin'^^ 
:D What??! Hahahhaha... Anyway, check it out :P

(MUST listen MUST watch)

SHINEE; Love is like Oxygen/Your love is like Oxygen/You're like oxygen

Umm.. The title reminds me of Chris Brown and Jordin Sparks's 'No air'

Owhkay.. Anyway, the SHINEE boys are back with a new song..
Love is like Oxygen.. (Look at the title of this post)

Oh man.. The music video buat aku terseliuh lahhh and eerr.. disgust? ( a bit lh )
Tight pants and bright clothings..
Almost blinded me, man..
They're so hot when they dance..
Oh man! I was Korean Kraze when I saw the video... 
Ummm... Ladies, brace yourself okay.. 
Nuratul, hati2 nye.. I dun wan u 2 pengsan nanti

Oneww :) 
TaeMin :]
JongHyun :D
MinHo :P
Key KIBUM!!! x))
(Left to right)

(Ewww.... )

My all time favorite love song

You see, the other day I was having a conversation with a friend of mine, Gothic Minnie and we were arguing about love songs and the cliche that all love songs have to offer. To tell you the truth I'm not a huge fan of love songs, but, yes, there's a but, I loooooooveee music so much and I know what makes a good love songs. And so I decided to compile what little amount of love songs I have in my playlist and amazingly there's TWENTY FIVE of them -uh huh. That's right twenty-five. So if you're in the mood for love you know where to click on :))

Listen to it now below: 


Gothic Minnie and Abigail~ 


Bgail Newssss~

I won't be here in 5 to 6 days.. 
I'll be out of town with friends^^

So, just leave your comments/text/messages lying around my blog and I'll reply back as soon as possible :)
C ya, peeps^^ 

Fergie; Labels or Love

Fergie new single 'Labels or Love' became the soundtrack of Sex and the City
It is about 'Do you rather do shopping or find a man?;
I like it^^ 
I like the beat and the lyrics of this song~
She really do love branded goods~
Me too :D
But yet, I just can't find the affordablez :S


Selena Gomez; Tell me something I don't know

The Disney actress of Wizards of Waverly Place~

Selena Gomez, everyone!
She's making an allbummm currently~
Looks like everyone is making an album these days.. 

Her single is 'Tell me something I don't know'~
Totally wicked song~
I mean, I de-stress my stress listening to this song on my handphone..
A friend's comment : Hmm.. Reminds me of Vanessa Anne Hudgens but more cute..
My comment: Eerrr.... Hmm.. WOHOO!! :D

(MUST listen!!)

Xtrazz: She's doing a movie called 'Another Cinderella Story' which is the sequel to Hilary Duff's 'Cinderella Story'. Some of the soundtracks are sung by her too :) 

Demi Lovato; Get back

Hey! Hey!

Here's a single and music video from Demi Lovato of Camp Rock~
It is called 'Get Back' from her album 'Don't Forget!' 
~A comment from a friend says, 'Her song sounded like Hilary Duff kinda thing. A clean rock.'
My comment is umm... well.. I like her song but it's sorta cliche for me.. I only need to hear it one time, not 50 times more.. I dunoe.. But yeah so, I'm posting it :P 

Oh well, up to you if you want to MUST listen it or MUST watch it~
I don't think it's a MUST though..   


Taylor Swift; Love Story

I'm back!!!! For now....
I'd found out a new song from Taylor Swift and music video.
It is called Love Story
Go Youtube or something...
Awesoommme scene..
A Romeo and Juliet kinda thing..
The guy was HAWT in there..
I love the song and am downloading it :)
Ch-Che-Check it Out!

Music Lover