Hanazakari no Kimitachi e

Yay! I watched both version of HanaKimi

Taiwan's and Japan's.. 

Honestly, Japan's is much better than Taiwan's..
Hhehehe... Here a picture of them.. 

My favourite characters: 

Nakatsu, Mizuki and Sano
(I love Nakatsu, so cute! Hhehe.. U too, Mizuki! Sano, errr.. yea, ur hot too..)
(His Hair is HOTT!!!!)
Yea, he's good looking too (==')
They say his hair looks like Cloud's from Final Fantasy..

I downloaded the theme song and end song:
Orange Range: Ikenai Taiyou
Otsuka Ai: Peach

Cute songs! 

Leona Lewis; Forgive me

New single from Leona Lewis..

Forgive me~
Nice song but bad choice for Leona to sing it..
No offense but I'm telling the truth..
I like the Music Video, very colorful..
Umm.. but the vocal wasn't not as good as the music video.. 

Siggghhhh.... Good try, though Leona.. 
Points for the effort~ 


Fall Out Boy; I don't care

Fall Out Boys with the new single,
I don't care

In the music video, they were getting on the people's nerves...
Hmm.. My thoughts, I don't know..
Its okay-okay..
But song rocks!! 


U-Kiss; Not young

A new korean boyband...

With a new song/music video..
Not young
These boys are not too young for love
I mean like totally..
How old are they..
They're just 15 - 19..
Hahah.. see.. Not young :P
I'm not MEAN, okay.. Just stating a fact >.<

My comment: Cute music video.. Cute dance moves.. Cute guys.. From America, somewhere in China and Korea..

Check It Out ;) 

Britney Spears; Womanizer

Britney is BACK!

With toned and hot bodyyyyy~
Her new single and music video,


My comment: Wowh.. Her music video will blow people away (in a good way!!) 
Also, her voice was electrolyzed.. Err.. I hope you don't mind.. 
no words.. no wordss... 


Pussycat Dolls; I hate this part

This is the latest latest music video from PCD

'I hate this part'

My comment: GREAT SONG!! The music video reminds me of soul seeking/spiritual walking through the desert :S 
Hahhaha.. Anyway, yea.. I like this song.. By the way, I didn't know Nicole knows how to play the piano.. Another thing, she made the music video as if it is her own and not the PCD..
The dance scene rockz! 

Must Watch Must Listen 

Pussycat Dolls; Whatcha think about that?

The latest music video from PCD~

'Whatcha think about that'
They have a couple new moves here..
And featuring Queen of Hip-Hop,
Missy Elliot~

My comment: Errmm.. It's not that great but its not that bad..
Just in between.. Just GOOD..
But the beat is quite catchy.. Anyway..

Check it yourself if you want to..


I'm not going to be here until the 30th October..

I'm having my PMB!! 
Its a BIG exammmmm~
So, I have to leave my dear blog for a while..
As soon as I come back, I will post your requestz
(If somebody cares about it..)

Anywayzz.... Happy Viewing~ 


TVXQ; Mirotic and Hey! Don't bring me down (Korean Krazeee!!)

Hotiee alertz!!!
This my most favourite part of my BLOG!!
When I talk about TVXQ! (>.<)
hahahah...  (Gyla nda berenti nie)

Okay~ Phew~ Just chill~

TVXQ came out with a new album 'MIROTIC'
'MI' : Maze 
(I don't really get it but yeah, sure.. wateva.. as long they're good!)

MIROTIC music video has been released.. 
(Damn, there must be something wrong with the director.. He/She is a sick person to direct this video but I'm thankful they did (>.<>

Hey! Don't bring me down the song~
I love it, sounds like a girl song.. Hahahha..
It should be some kind of cheerleading song :P

But I have to admit that these songs are good..
Must Listen and Must Watch (Mi-rotic!!!!)

Careful girls.. They burn..*sizzle*
lololol (Lame.. -.-') 

Sooryyy for the picture below.. I know someone is missing in there.. ==' 
Not proud of myself, btw.. 
Here's the the album picture (o.O) 

Wonder Girls; Nobody

The Wonder Girls are back with their new album..

The Wonder Years!!
Their latest single..
JYP is in the music video and played himself..
8o's pop beat makes you groove to the song (Groove??? o.O) 
The music video reminds me of the Dream Girls (O.O)

Heard it and Like It! 
Must Listen and Must Watch!! 


Wonder Boys! Hheheh.. Korean Hawt Boys (xceppt 1) dancing to Girls Generation and So Hot~

TaeMin~ SungMin~ ShinDong~ JokWon~ SeungRi

My comment: Waahh.. They all look so prettyyyy in this Music Video~ lololololol~ Like the song 'so hot, so hot'~

>.< XDD