SNSD; Run Devil Run

A lot of girl idol groups took in the dark concept
No exception for the Girls' Generation

They hopped in the band wagon with Run Devil Run


Ke$ha wrote this song as a guide for the girls and I rather liked the English version even if it's not her official song.

SNSD did pretty well, y'know
Being different than their OH! song before

And that's all~

Epik High; Run

Run featuring Infinite

It's a MUST!!

Dae Guk Nam Ah

Dae Guk Nam Ah @ D-NA

Jay, Karam, Hyomin, Mika and Injun

From company Openworld Entertainment

3 out of 5 members used to be under XING Entertainment (Idol Group)

All I could remember from the group Xing were the two boys who would pop and lock in the streets and that's pretty much it.

They just debuted in the Month of March

They can sing and dance very well in Live shows
They did an Acapella introduction of themselves
They looked up to TVXQ
Best of all, their average age is 17. 5 years old if I'm not mistaken

Except for Jay ==''

He's a year younger than me but he's the one I liked the most!!!!
But it's all good~

Anyways, I'll be on a look-out on how these boys progress

Check out their first single Admiring Boy


8EIGHT; Availibility Period

Availability Period
A new single from these talented trio

Thought, it's heavily packed with auto-tune and synths and electronic beats and all that jazz
This song is pretty good

so check it out~


T-ARA; I go crazy because of you

First released single and music video from T-ARA's 2nd album

I go crazy because of you

This song reminds me of Britney Spears Womanizer/If You Seek Amy

But I'm not complaining

I love Britney Spears's songs ^^

Haha, am loving T-ARA's song too :DD

So check it out, if you don't mind the similarities :P

KARA; Lupin

KARA - Lupin

Check out the MV!


Lady Gaga; Teeth

From Lady Gaga's Fame Monster
Beside Bad Romance,
I found TEETH

I like the beats, the music and the lyrics too

Probably, it has a relation to vampires xD

Need I say more?

Check It Out!

TVXQ; Break Out

Not much to say butTVXQ succeed one more time!!


Break Out is most sold album in Japan!
Being #1 in Oricon chart once again ^^

Always keep the faith~

2NE1; Try to copy me

New digital single from 2NE1

Try to copy me

It's a CF song for Samsung phone

A lot similar to LG's Lollipop phone

The song's very catchy, showing off the fierceness of 2NE1

I saw the CF a couple days ago

2NE1 acting dorky!

It was pretty cute~
As they were playing with features of the phone, they displayed some "cute" reactions
Anyways, check it out


Late post!

Just posting this up 'cause I like this song very much ^^"

Big Bang; Lollipop part 2

Part 2 Lollipop CF has been released

Though, no 2ne1 here
But a new girl

They have yet to reveal who's the new girl

So far, the song is pretty catchy
(Who we kidding?)


T.O.P's voice keep on repeating "Girl, you're my lollipop~"
Very addictive

It's a must check out!


Addicted to gLee

In case some of you have been living in oh-somewhere where there's no tv or internet. Then I guess you haven't been updated with the Glee phenomenon which is every music freak ultimate fantasy! When I saw the first episode, I thought oh-wow not another teen drama-rama high school play but I was proven wrong when I heard them do a cover version of Gold Digger, they were incredible!

Glee was basically a performing club filled with people who were labeled as the lowest food chain of command in the high school ( think plankton). No one would be caught dead singing and dancing inside high school but soon people started noticing the Glee club especially when the school's star quarterback, Finn decided to join in, and this is when the plot thickens as there was chemistry between Finn and Rachel, as Finn is currently dating the captain of the cheerleader, Quinn. And the love triangle tango begins.

Oh yeah, note to everyone, you-have-got-to-listen to their remix version of "It's my life" by Bon Jovi and Usher's "This is my confession"!!!! I was singing that song over and over again, if I could give a standing ovation - I would but all I can do is just post it up on my blog and say it-is-D- BEST cover version for the whole season of glee.

So there you have it, watch GLEE or I'll eat your jelly brain :P


F.Cuz; Jiggy

More Korean boy bands including ZE:A @ Children of Empire

But today, I'm going to cover F.Cuz

F.Cuz has four members.
All boys, obviously.
And I'm not surprise that they're all over 180cm tall.


Because of their height, they're nicknamed 'Model Idols'.

They've recently released a new music video called "Get Jiggy With It".
In addition, they will be releasing soon a second video of it.

In terms of music:
The song is very catchy, thus, the reason why I'm writing it in my blog.
Auto-tune-ish but catchy.

The music video:
Very bright and colourful~
It's like somebody puked rainbow all over the set (in a good way).
It's like Big Bang music video with the SHINee boys. O_o!

Choreography and Style:
The choreography looked simple and again, very Big Bang-ish.
Now that I think again, the set looks awfully alike with 2NE1's Fire space version, Big Bang's Gara Gara Go Music Video and Lollipop LG CF with Big Bang and 2NE1.

Their clothing is also alike with Big Bang.
Especially the white fur, that's just scream "G-Dragon" to me.

But that's just my first opinion, hopefully, their second music video will change these opinions of mine or they might end up like DNT.