Miley Cyrus; Fly on the wall

Fly on the wall

Demi Lovato; La la land

Her new single...
La La Land



tagged by K'run/Meysha/Nisaa/Ma sister/Yg cute xDDD 
i tag :
1. Yaya
2. Adibah
3. Fuad
4. Sarr
5. Amirah
6. Sheena 
7. Syasya
8. Nasuha 
9. Mustaqim

how you know 1?
From church and sunday school and  friend

what would you do if you never met 2?
umm.. I might go crazy... not d good crazy but the bad crazy... 

what would you do if 3&4 dated you?
lol.. umm.. Go ask them to blanja me xD 

would 5&6 make a good couple?
umm.. i dunoe.. o.o??? 

do you think 7 is attractive?
I guess so.. o.o 

do you know anything about 8's family?
Not really.. 

tell me something about 9.
Adibah's bro ^^

what language does 2 speaks?
English, malay, a bit of arabic and a bit of indian

who is 3 going out with?
umm.. umm.. I have seen d girl, but dunoe d name... =='

how old is 4?
14 i tink.. 

who is 6 favourite singer?
Singer?? Not sure, bands, I'm pretty sure, some of them r korean.. xD 

is 8 single?
Nope, she's taken.. 

what is 9 last name?
Hj Hariah Mohamed 

would you consider being in a relationship with 2?
umm... ummm.. Adibah???? o.O???

which school does 2 go to?
SMPJNPHAB (Paham2 lah) 

what do you like about 3?
He speaks english, I tink????? 


Leona Lewis; Run

New single and music video~

Lady Gaga; Christmas Tree

Okay, I'ma gona be a bad blogger meaning, I'ma be lazy with the posts I make.. >< 

I'll just post the new and coolest song so far ^^

Starting now:

Lady Gaga's single
Christmas Tree featuring Spaceboy
Must LISTEN!!!


GAHH!!!!! They are out!!! I messaged on the day they came out which was 13/12/08.

^^ CONGRATZ TO ALL BY THE WAY! TO ALL MII FWENSS.. u noe who u are.. ^^

My results??? 
Here they are: 

Eng: 1 (This one I did not expect, SERIOUSLY!)
Sci: 2 (Lagi tah, aku nda expect!!)
Bm: 4 (Ani aku xpect lah.. lol)
Maths:3 (Good, mii got cwedit ^^)
PUI:3 (Umm... Yea... o.o)
Geo: 3 (I wanted distiction 2 for geo, but its good tho)
His: 3 (Hmm.. I thought I would fail History o.o)
Comp: 4  (UWAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! MATI! GYLA! AKU WAH! My computer ==' T.T nda apa, ani salah ku jua ==' I noe wat i did wrong..)

So, there! ^^ Enjoy looking at them, comparing them, and tell everyone about them :) 


Big Bang; Sunset Glow

Awesome music video from Big Bang.. I'm not sure if this new or not..

But it's COOL!!
Love the beach scene and when the members were on top of the bus..
Like a concert.. 



TVXQ; Wrong Number

TVXQ latest song and music video..

Wrong number
Umm.. 1st of all.. This song isn't as great as Mirotic.. 
Also, Hero and U-Know rapped here.. 
I like U-Know rapping than Hero..

ChangMin looked like a little kid with his new haircut =='

And U-Know showed off his awesome body here..

Anyways, check it out! 


The first time I saw they performed this was at Music Bank on TV.. 

Then, I looked up for them again..
And I saw the music video...
There weren't much but the song is quite catchy 

Key Kibum FOREVER!! >< ^^ Still love him yo!

So, check this song out~

Jesse McCartney : It's Over

Jesse latest single as far I know is

It's Over
I listened to some of his songs in his album..
They are pretty good..
Modern and dance beat..
It reminded me of Chris Brown a little bit..
So, check this song out!

P.S: I love the music video, quite modern^^