f(x); Pinocchio

The latest single from the girls of f(X)
And let me say this...


*fans self*

I've been waiting for her since she stopped her activities with the group due to her ankle injury and have been recuperating in the states.
But apparently, she's been training in her dance with the duo Geminiz (located in the US) who've have been helping choreographing f(X) and SHINee dances to improve her dancing.

Then, I watched the music video for this single.

There were some slick moves but to me, it somehow fell under my expectation.
Yea, Sulli is cute.
Yea, Krystal is hot.
Victoria is sexy Umma.
Luna, as always power house voice.


I just.. don't know....

At some point of the routine, I could tell her body is trained to dance like a girl but she has to be conscious of her image as a tomboy so there was a slight hesistant in her movements.

Overall choreography was okay. In my opinion, La Cha Ta and Nu Abo had better choreography. And this one reminds me of mix of Chocolate Love and La Cha Ta being recycled into one.

*Le sigh~

It was unexpected that I wasn't excited about their single.
'Cause I love f(X) I really do especially Amber but honestly, it's sort of a letdown.

The same typical electronic background of bass and beats, yes, I know it's their signature music but I wanted something fresh.

But if you like f(X)
Do check 'em out while I'll just try to enjoy the song while the 'freshness' of the single lasts.


Girl's Day; Twinkle Twinkle

Gotta give it up to these girls who brought the game on after a while since their first debut.
Now, I'm a fan of them since their song 'Nothing lasts forever'.

Twinkle Twinkle is a super happy and cute song with a bit of hip hop break down at the 3/4 of the song and the song goes on with a little of ballad and continued with the usual happy beats.

This is a song I would dance to when no one's around in the room

If you're into kpop and cutesy songs, this song would be your cup of tea ^^

Katy Perry; E.T.

This is a 'MUST' in your song list.
The lyrics are out of this world but of course comprehensible.
Put on your headphones, hit the maximum volume and listen to this to throw your stress away.

For the past three weeks, it has been no.1 on the Billboard chart 'HOT 100' so you know you have to have it.

Ch-ch-check it out ;D

Back to blogging!

Hullo, Hullo you music lovers all over the world~
I has come back :B
It has been more than a year since I last blogged.
Exams psshay D:

So, in these few weeks, I'll be posting up my updated songs of 2010 and 2011 (Mostly 2011 :P )

If you have been following me these past few years so you'll definitely like the new songs I have selected.

So stay tuned!