Miley Cyrus; Fly on the wall

Fly on the wall

Demi Lovato; La la land

Her new single...
La La Land



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how you know 1?
From church and sunday school and  friend

what would you do if you never met 2?
umm.. I might go crazy... not d good crazy but the bad crazy... 

what would you do if 3&4 dated you?
lol.. umm.. Go ask them to blanja me xD 

would 5&6 make a good couple?
umm.. i dunoe.. o.o??? 

do you think 7 is attractive?
I guess so.. o.o 

do you know anything about 8's family?
Not really.. 

tell me something about 9.
Adibah's bro ^^

what language does 2 speaks?
English, malay, a bit of arabic and a bit of indian

who is 3 going out with?
umm.. umm.. I have seen d girl, but dunoe d name... =='

how old is 4?
14 i tink.. 

who is 6 favourite singer?
Singer?? Not sure, bands, I'm pretty sure, some of them r korean.. xD 

is 8 single?
Nope, she's taken.. 

what is 9 last name?
Hj Hariah Mohamed 

would you consider being in a relationship with 2?
umm... ummm.. Adibah???? o.O???

which school does 2 go to?
SMPJNPHAB (Paham2 lah) 

what do you like about 3?
He speaks english, I tink????? 


Leona Lewis; Run

New single and music video~

Lady Gaga; Christmas Tree

Okay, I'ma gona be a bad blogger meaning, I'ma be lazy with the posts I make.. >< 

I'll just post the new and coolest song so far ^^

Starting now:

Lady Gaga's single
Christmas Tree featuring Spaceboy
Must LISTEN!!!


GAHH!!!!! They are out!!! I messaged on the day they came out which was 13/12/08.

^^ CONGRATZ TO ALL BY THE WAY! TO ALL MII FWENSS.. u noe who u are.. ^^

My results??? 
Here they are: 

Eng: 1 (This one I did not expect, SERIOUSLY!)
Sci: 2 (Lagi tah, aku nda expect!!)
Bm: 4 (Ani aku xpect lah.. lol)
Maths:3 (Good, mii got cwedit ^^)
PUI:3 (Umm... Yea... o.o)
Geo: 3 (I wanted distiction 2 for geo, but its good tho)
His: 3 (Hmm.. I thought I would fail History o.o)
Comp: 4  (UWAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! MATI! GYLA! AKU WAH! My computer ==' T.T nda apa, ani salah ku jua ==' I noe wat i did wrong..)

So, there! ^^ Enjoy looking at them, comparing them, and tell everyone about them :) 


Big Bang; Sunset Glow

Awesome music video from Big Bang.. I'm not sure if this new or not..

But it's COOL!!
Love the beach scene and when the members were on top of the bus..
Like a concert.. 



TVXQ; Wrong Number

TVXQ latest song and music video..

Wrong number
Umm.. 1st of all.. This song isn't as great as Mirotic.. 
Also, Hero and U-Know rapped here.. 
I like U-Know rapping than Hero..

ChangMin looked like a little kid with his new haircut =='

And U-Know showed off his awesome body here..

Anyways, check it out! 


The first time I saw they performed this was at Music Bank on TV.. 

Then, I looked up for them again..
And I saw the music video...
There weren't much but the song is quite catchy 

Key Kibum FOREVER!! >< ^^ Still love him yo!

So, check this song out~

Jesse McCartney : It's Over

Jesse latest single as far I know is

It's Over
I listened to some of his songs in his album..
They are pretty good..
Modern and dance beat..
It reminded me of Chris Brown a little bit..
So, check this song out!

P.S: I love the music video, quite modern^^ 


Britney Spears; Circus

Britney Spears second single off her debut Album, Circus.. 
Circus :P

What do I say??

Umm... Well, again.. Her voice was digitalized.. =='
Oh well, it's a nice song to dance..
Most people thinks this song is much better than her last one which was, 

Check It Out!! 


TAGGED!!! XD again ==' Never Let This Go by Paramore

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1. Put Your itunes, windows media plyer etc on Shuffle
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Are you male or female?.
Not young by U-Kiss (Umm.. XDD)

Describe yourself!.
Walking on air by Kerli Koiv (sounds so bimbo.. NOT! XP)

What do people feel when they're around you?
My heart by Paramore (Woah! :O)

Describe your current relationship.
Party People by Nelly ft. Fergie (Yeah, I'm party maniac XD.. no lah.. ==')

Where would you like to be now?.
Possession by Jyongri (Errr.. I'm not sure.. ==')

How do you feel about love?.
Lies (English) by Big Bang (==' no words.. no words.. *singing the song XD)
What's your life like?
Love story by Taylor Swift (XDD not! lololol) 

What would you ask for if you had only one wish?.
Chain by BACK-ON (Umm.. Not chained or anything but be free ^^)

Say something wise..
Womanizer by Britney Spears (I'm not joking.. O.O XDDD)

If someone says "is this okay?" you say.
Fences by Paramore (WOOT!! lol.. Maybe I'll sing this song to that someone XD)

How would you describe yourself?.
We are broken by Paramore (O.O nice song, btw^^)

What do you like in a guy/girl?
Kiss Me Kiss Me by Lee Hyun Ji (==' dun ask ppl!! ><) 

How do you feel today?.- Just Dance by Lady Gaga ft. Akon and Colby O'Donis (Awesome!! Yay, feel like dancing lorh! XP) 

What is your life's purpose? Misery Business by Paramore (XP yes, I bring misery to ppl arnd me.. Hehehe >:D)

What is your motto?
A song calling for you by SS501 (Umm.. sure... o.O)

What do your friends think of you?
Whoa by Paramore (Umm.. Whoa?? XP)

What do you think of your parents?
I hate this part by Pussycat Dolls (Wowh, fits perfectly ^^ Peace~ :D)

What do you think about very often?
Thousand Year Love Song by TVXQ/DBSK/THSK (XPP hehehe.. ==')

What is 2 + 2?.
Mirotic by TVXQ (oooohhh... Maze + Erotic??  Lolololol XP)

What do you think of your best friend?.
She said, I said by Not Like Them (Well, yeah.. We have our own opinions but we think alike a lot! ^^) 

What do you think of the person you like?
When I woke up by Clique Girlz (Wake up call?? umm.. dunoe.. O.o)

What is your life story?
.Nobody like Wonder Girls (O.O.. umm.. not sure abt dis one.. ==')

What do you want to be when you grow up?.
U (Mandarin) by Super Junior (I want to be you^^ XP) 

What do you think of when you see the person you like?.
Untouched by The Veronicas (O.O XP that sounds so WRONG!!! lolol)

What will you dance to at your wedding?.
Radio Song by Superbus (Yeayh, my favorite song on the playlist! ^^ p.s: It was by chance.. )

What will they play at your funeral?.
One step at a time by Jordin Sparks (What a 'feel-good' song playing on my funeral?? XP.. but sure, y not^^) 

What is your hobby/interest?.
Heartbreaker by Will.I.Am ft. Cheryl (Why is that the questions abt love is alwez bad for me?? ><) 

What is your biggest fear?. 
Why have I fallen in love with you by TVXQ (O.O okiieee... ??? XP) 

What is your biggest secret?. 
Love is like Oxygen by SHINEE (Eerrr... o.O???) 

What do you think of your friends?. 
When I pretend by Jordan Pruitt (This song and question reminds me of the past in CCMS ==')  

What will you post this as?. 
Never Let This Go by Paramore (I'm a fan of Paramore, Hell Yeah! ^^)  

I tag:


S.H.E; Miss Universe


Miss Universe
I'm not really a fan of them..
But this song and their music video catches my eye O.o
So, check it out..
It has a really addictive tune to it :) 


Tagged!!! XD

Got tagged by Fatin ^^
:) thnx^^

What is the most important thing in your life?
- Life

What is the last thing you bought with your own money?
- Food, I think they were chips and chocolate ^^

Where do you wish to get married?
- Brunei, at Anduki Park (With the view and mosquitoes there ==')

How old do you think you will be permanently owned by your love?
- What do u mean by that??

Are you in love?
- Hmm.. Crush... got lah.. ^^

Where was the last restaurant you had dinner?
- WYWY restaurant ^^

Name the latest book you bought.
- Pretty Little Liars

What is your full name?
- Abigail Alicia Crazy Random Lazy Annoying J.

Name the person you wish to meet in real life or the first time.
- Timbaland ^^

Christina or Britney?
- Britney, sorry Christina..

Do you do your own laundry?
- Umm.. rarely.. hehe (lazy person)

The most exciting place you wanna go?
- Australia ^^

Hugs or kisses?
- Hugz r okie.. Kisses r big no-no ><

8 things I am passionate about:
- Books
- Online
- Chatting
- Gaia
- Drawing
- Sleeping
- Television Programmes

8 things I say too often:
- Apakanzz
- Walauzz
- Damn
- Watever
- You think?
- Haizz
- Aishh
- Oh man!

8 books I've read recently:
- Kissing the fool (Online)
- Teddy Boy (Online)
- Bothering the prince (Online)
- 49 days for the second chance (Online)
- Tom Saywer's Adventure
- Fearless
(That's all ^^)

8 songs I could listen to over and over again:
- Music is my boyfriend by CSS
- Possession by Jyongri
- Tell me something I don't know by Selena Gomez
- Just dance by Lady Gaga feat. Akon and Colby Adonis
- Love Story by Taylor Swift
- When I'm gone by Click 5
- Hot n Cold by Kate Perry
- Empty by Click 5

8 things I learned last year:
- A lot of things actually sooooo... umm.. besides, I'm so lazy to write them down ><

Tag 8 people:
- Adibah
- Yaya
- Steven
- Nasuha
- Sheen
- Saradha
* Bloggers who are active these days...

U got tagged, people! xP



Finally, I finished watching Mamma Mia!

The ending was very very unpredictable...
(Excuse my bad english ==')

I'll give it to the owner on of these days..
P.S: My sister keeps on watching the music scenes over, over, over, over, over and over again.. =='




Uwaahhh... Today ah..

I went out with my friends to eat and play at Uni Arcade ^^
We had fun at the Karaoke Box and the gun thingy..
Yeah, and the tekken fighter game.. Sighh.. Memories..

My friends are also kind to borrow me two DVDs of two musical movies..
Another Cinderella Story and Mamma Mia!

Selena Gomez in Another Cinderella Story
Amazing dance skills!
I like the songs too.. 

Meryl Streep in Mamma Mia!
ABBA songs :)
Love it..
I haven't watch it finished yet.. I'm continuing it tomorrow ^^

Avril Lavigne feat. Leona Lewis; I will be (Late post)

Okayy.. This is a late post..

 It's actually Avril Lavigne's original song..
Leona Lewis butted it >.<
They make a wonderful duet together..
So, this is a unique piece.. 
But my opinion is Avril Lavigne's original is better since it is rock..
Anyways, I like this song ^^


FT ISLAND; Heaven + Loving you

(Won bin! Give me the red roses pleaaazzzzee... >.<")
FT Island..
Why do you have to make tragic music videos??

But I love it!!
Both music videos are so COOL!
Basketball.. And I mean, street basketball..
Yes, I am a fan of basketball  too^^

These two songs are the continuation.. Watch Loving you 1st and then, Heaven..
Cool lah.. Just watch it.. But so kcian tue the jalan crita.. =='
Won Bin!! So hooootttt :P


Kate Perry; Hot n Cold

I know everyone know this song..

But I just want to say..
Yay! Me!
(London Tipton's moment here)
^^ :P
Totally addicted to this song like TO-TAL-LY!
Music video is cool and funny at the same time.. 

Taylor Swift; You belong with me

Aaaahh.. Taylor Swift..

Elven Fairy Country Rock Princess
Ain't I'm right??
Her new song; You belong with me.. 
Nice song..
I can understand it..
Very straight-forward..
Okay.. It's not an award winning song..
But come on, she's a sweet looking girl..
(What? I don't know how's she like in real life. I don't know her for real.)
Anyways.. Check it out..

Kanye West; Love Lockdown & Heartless

Love lockdown..

I love the remix version..
It was so techno/modern..
The music video was AWESOME!!
Really.. But it does reminds me of one of the Bjork's music video..
But I bet Kanye's Love lockdown is original..

The Music video graphics' are amazing..
But the song is okay-okay..
And I don't really like it much.. 

Love lockdown is SO MUCH BETTER than Heartless.. 
Check Love lockdown..

I like that he sings in the album.. It's something new for me.. Because I just realized it..
lol.. And you all are like 'Uh-huh, we knew he was singing before you did, music lover'.
I failed.. lol :P 

Christina Aguilera; Keeps gettin better


I mean, her album Back to Basic was AWESOME!
Her new song??
Don't get me started with it..
Come on now.. 
She reminds me of Lady Gaga..
As hip and trendy and modern she can be..
It's not working unless you have the right beat!
Well, I just wanted to voiced out my worries on her..
I'm hoping she'll do better than THIS!




I'm dedicating to my favourite animal in the world,
Anyone who knows me, know that I'm crazy about them ^^
I received an email from a friend~
Sadly, I can't forward it to people since there's something wrong with it!!!
It's very frustrating that I can't forward IMPORTANT stuff like this one to anyone!!
Now, you know! 

Hhaha.. Anyways, I save every each picture that has pandas in it!!
Thankfully, I was able to keep them all in the laptop :) 

These were the pictures after an earthquake in China...
I think the pandas were the IVF thingy..
Last time I check, there were 20 pandas..
I counted in 2 of the pictures, there were only 16 in one picture and 18 in the other!!
Yes, I am easily psyche about pandas. =='

They were clinging on after the earthquake~ 

Aww.. Poor babies ~ 

*Sniffs *Sniffs
One day.. One day.. 

Awww... Look at them sleeping..
(Man, I'm sick ==')

Okay.. I have more of their cute picures.. (Hhehehe)
But I just don't wana show ya.. HAHAHHA..
NO la.. No la..
Just kidding..
I'll post them from time to time..
You think these pictures are adorable, wait 'til you see the others..



Hilary Duff; Reach Out

Hilary Duff, people..

Lizzie McGuire 

A new album and single~
Reach Out

She looks grown up but still..
I'll always see her as that girl who sang;
These are what dreams are made of
Hahha.. :D

Anyway, check it out~ 


Oh Won Bin of F.T. Island (Korean Kraze Krave)~

Hey, y'all~

At first, I wanted to write about Min Ho of Shinee but..
I like Oh Won Bin of FT Island.. Hhehe..

Name: Oh Won Bin
DOB: 26TH March 1990
Blood Type: O
Height: 180cm
Weight: 63kg
School: SungJiGo School 2nd year
Hobby: All sports and making music
Family: Parents & WonBin (Eerr... He's the only child??)
Talents: Martial Arts (OOhh.. Ahh O.O)
Nickname: Silly WonBin (Siily Bigail/Abby) lolol.. Siuk sndiri~
Best points: Smiling eye (O.O??)
Position in band: Rap (:D) 2nd Vocal & 2nd guitarist
What Won Bin like: Playing games, sleeping & eating (Gee, he sounds exactly like me o.O)
Motto: None.. but I'll think I about it
For his future love: "When will you appear in front of me? I'm so lonely =.=' ~ (Emm.. Okkayyy o.o)

Credits: Love FT-I

What does Abby has to say about?

Wah Won-Bin~ I'm right here ==' lolol.. I love you, Won Bin >.< (As if he can hear me ==')
Anyway~ :D
Here are his pictures~

(Can I ask?? : Is he a camwhore?? o.O)

Pink; So What

This song ROCKZ!!!!

~ So What! I am a ROCKSTAR, I got my rock moves!! ~

Hhehehe.. :D 
Dibah, this song is dedicated to  u ;)

Awesome SONG!!


Hanazakari no Kimitachi e

Yay! I watched both version of HanaKimi

Taiwan's and Japan's.. 

Honestly, Japan's is much better than Taiwan's..
Hhehehe... Here a picture of them.. 

My favourite characters: 

Nakatsu, Mizuki and Sano
(I love Nakatsu, so cute! Hhehe.. U too, Mizuki! Sano, errr.. yea, ur hot too..)
(His Hair is HOTT!!!!)
Yea, he's good looking too (==')
They say his hair looks like Cloud's from Final Fantasy..

I downloaded the theme song and end song:
Orange Range: Ikenai Taiyou
Otsuka Ai: Peach

Cute songs! 

Leona Lewis; Forgive me

New single from Leona Lewis..

Forgive me~
Nice song but bad choice for Leona to sing it..
No offense but I'm telling the truth..
I like the Music Video, very colorful..
Umm.. but the vocal wasn't not as good as the music video.. 

Siggghhhh.... Good try, though Leona.. 
Points for the effort~ 


Fall Out Boy; I don't care

Fall Out Boys with the new single,
I don't care

In the music video, they were getting on the people's nerves...
Hmm.. My thoughts, I don't know..
Its okay-okay..
But song rocks!! 


U-Kiss; Not young

A new korean boyband...

With a new song/music video..
Not young
These boys are not too young for love
I mean like totally..
How old are they..
They're just 15 - 19..
Hahah.. see.. Not young :P
I'm not MEAN, okay.. Just stating a fact >.<

My comment: Cute music video.. Cute dance moves.. Cute guys.. From America, somewhere in China and Korea..

Check It Out ;) 

Britney Spears; Womanizer

Britney is BACK!

With toned and hot bodyyyyy~
Her new single and music video,


My comment: Wowh.. Her music video will blow people away (in a good way!!) 
Also, her voice was electrolyzed.. Err.. I hope you don't mind.. 
no words.. no wordss... 


Pussycat Dolls; I hate this part

This is the latest latest music video from PCD

'I hate this part'

My comment: GREAT SONG!! The music video reminds me of soul seeking/spiritual walking through the desert :S 
Hahhaha.. Anyway, yea.. I like this song.. By the way, I didn't know Nicole knows how to play the piano.. Another thing, she made the music video as if it is her own and not the PCD..
The dance scene rockz! 

Must Watch Must Listen 

Pussycat Dolls; Whatcha think about that?

The latest music video from PCD~

'Whatcha think about that'
They have a couple new moves here..
And featuring Queen of Hip-Hop,
Missy Elliot~

My comment: Errmm.. It's not that great but its not that bad..
Just in between.. Just GOOD..
But the beat is quite catchy.. Anyway..

Check it yourself if you want to..


I'm not going to be here until the 30th October..

I'm having my PMB!! 
Its a BIG exammmmm~
So, I have to leave my dear blog for a while..
As soon as I come back, I will post your requestz
(If somebody cares about it..)

Anywayzz.... Happy Viewing~ 


TVXQ; Mirotic and Hey! Don't bring me down (Korean Krazeee!!)

Hotiee alertz!!!
This my most favourite part of my BLOG!!
When I talk about TVXQ! (>.<)
hahahah...  (Gyla nda berenti nie)

Okay~ Phew~ Just chill~

TVXQ came out with a new album 'MIROTIC'
'MI' : Maze 
(I don't really get it but yeah, sure.. wateva.. as long they're good!)

MIROTIC music video has been released.. 
(Damn, there must be something wrong with the director.. He/She is a sick person to direct this video but I'm thankful they did (>.<>

Hey! Don't bring me down the song~
I love it, sounds like a girl song.. Hahahha..
It should be some kind of cheerleading song :P

But I have to admit that these songs are good..
Must Listen and Must Watch (Mi-rotic!!!!)

Careful girls.. They burn..*sizzle*
lololol (Lame.. -.-') 

Sooryyy for the picture below.. I know someone is missing in there.. ==' 
Not proud of myself, btw.. 
Here's the the album picture (o.O) 

Wonder Girls; Nobody

The Wonder Girls are back with their new album..

The Wonder Years!!
Their latest single..
JYP is in the music video and played himself..
8o's pop beat makes you groove to the song (Groove??? o.O) 
The music video reminds me of the Dream Girls (O.O)

Heard it and Like It! 
Must Listen and Must Watch!! 


Wonder Boys! Hheheh.. Korean Hawt Boys (xceppt 1) dancing to Girls Generation and So Hot~

TaeMin~ SungMin~ ShinDong~ JokWon~ SeungRi

My comment: Waahh.. They all look so prettyyyy in this Music Video~ lololololol~ Like the song 'so hot, so hot'~

>.< XDD 


FT Island; After Love (Must listen & Watch)

The drammaatic Korean rock boyband is back~


Music Video : After Love
My comment : They really want to act eyh?? Most of them changed their hairstyles, I like the new changes.. Hmm.. Something wrong with them.. Aren't they too young to be depress over a loss of girl?? o.O Oh Won Bin rapped in this song too!! I love you, Won Bin!!! >.<>
There was also rain falling down on them o.O
Can it get anymore hotter??? 
Eerrrr.. Owhkay... One more, their clothes were totally rockin'^^ 
:D What??! Hahahhaha... Anyway, check it out :P

(MUST listen MUST watch)

SHINEE; Love is like Oxygen/Your love is like Oxygen/You're like oxygen

Umm.. The title reminds me of Chris Brown and Jordin Sparks's 'No air'

Owhkay.. Anyway, the SHINEE boys are back with a new song..
Love is like Oxygen.. (Look at the title of this post)

Oh man.. The music video buat aku terseliuh lahhh and eerr.. disgust? ( a bit lh )
Tight pants and bright clothings..
Almost blinded me, man..
They're so hot when they dance..
Oh man! I was Korean Kraze when I saw the video... 
Ummm... Ladies, brace yourself okay.. 
Nuratul, hati2 nye.. I dun wan u 2 pengsan nanti

Oneww :) 
TaeMin :]
JongHyun :D
MinHo :P
Key KIBUM!!! x))
(Left to right)

(Ewww.... )

My all time favorite love song

You see, the other day I was having a conversation with a friend of mine, Gothic Minnie and we were arguing about love songs and the cliche that all love songs have to offer. To tell you the truth I'm not a huge fan of love songs, but, yes, there's a but, I loooooooveee music so much and I know what makes a good love songs. And so I decided to compile what little amount of love songs I have in my playlist and amazingly there's TWENTY FIVE of them -uh huh. That's right twenty-five. So if you're in the mood for love you know where to click on :))

Listen to it now below: 


Gothic Minnie and Abigail~ 


Bgail Newssss~

I won't be here in 5 to 6 days.. 
I'll be out of town with friends^^

So, just leave your comments/text/messages lying around my blog and I'll reply back as soon as possible :)
C ya, peeps^^ 

Fergie; Labels or Love

Fergie new single 'Labels or Love' became the soundtrack of Sex and the City
It is about 'Do you rather do shopping or find a man?;
I like it^^ 
I like the beat and the lyrics of this song~
She really do love branded goods~
Me too :D
But yet, I just can't find the affordablez :S


Selena Gomez; Tell me something I don't know

The Disney actress of Wizards of Waverly Place~

Selena Gomez, everyone!
She's making an allbummm currently~
Looks like everyone is making an album these days.. 

Her single is 'Tell me something I don't know'~
Totally wicked song~
I mean, I de-stress my stress listening to this song on my handphone..
A friend's comment : Hmm.. Reminds me of Vanessa Anne Hudgens but more cute..
My comment: Eerrr.... Hmm.. WOHOO!! :D

(MUST listen!!)

Xtrazz: She's doing a movie called 'Another Cinderella Story' which is the sequel to Hilary Duff's 'Cinderella Story'. Some of the soundtracks are sung by her too :)